Coastal Pet Titan Tie Out Stakes for Dogs

"Have you ever had to chase your dog after he pulls out the stake he is tethered to? If this is a regular occurrence, you need to go buy a Coastal Pet Products Titan Spiral Tie Out Stake for Dogs from Pet Store right away. Save yourself some time and energy by using this heavy-duty stake. Do not be fooled by this lightweight device. Even if it weighs only 1 lb., this stake is made with tempered steel that can withstand even the efforts of the biggest dog. It is also resistant to rust, which makes it even more long lasting. Unlike most tethering stakes that can be wrenched out by constant tugging.

Coastal Pet Products Titan Spiral Tie Out Stake's helical shape needs to be screwed into the ground and requires the same complicated action to remove, ensuring a secure anchorage. A metal ring is attached to the main stake to hold the leash of your pet. Combined with a strong cord, you can now rest assured that your canine buddy will still be where you left him when you wake up or get home from work. Say goodbye to sprinting after your escaped dog. Keep him safe at home with Coastal Pet Products Titan Spiral Tie Out Stake.

Product Highlight(s):
  • Heavy duty tempered steel construction
  • Rust resistant
  • Height: 17 inches, 8mm gauge steel.
Coastal Pet Products Titan Spiral Tie Out Stake for Dogs (8 mm, 17 Inch) The 17" Spiral Tie Out Stake provides a solid tie out stake to use with any cable tie out. Combine with a Coastal Cable Tie Out for the perfect tie out solution. Keep your pet safely restrained in your yard or at the campsite with this heavy-duty tie-out stake.