Coastal Pet Titan Shock-Absorbing Metal Spring with Snap for Dog Tie Outs & Leashes

"Are you having trouble with training your canine to use a lead because it keeps pulling on it? Does this behavior prevent you from walking with your pet from one place to another successfully? Do you wish that there is an item, which will aid you during these trying times? If so, then you should definitely try the new Coastal Pet Titan Shock-Absorbing Metal Spring With Snap from Pet Store. This is actually an accessory add-on, which guarantees that your friend is safe whenever it attempts to yank on its leash.

This component is made entirely from stainless steel. It can be attached to leads and tie-out leashes. What’s great about this product is that it keeps your canine away from harm when it suddenly pulls on its cords and collars. It is a safety feature, which prevents strangulation and choking. This is done by reserving a short length of rope within its metal body to make sure that your dog is equipped with a few inches of string, which could potentially save its life by providing a sort of extension to lessen the pressure on the neck area.

Training your pet to walk on a lead is made much easier and better when you have the Coastal Pet Titan Shock-Absorbing Metal Spring With Snap. You should never leave home, nor make your canine stay outside, without one.

Prevents "whiplash" when the dog runs out of cable. Stainless steel design, good for all size lines. Heavy duty construction for greater strength and security.