Petmate High Back Cat Litter Box Liners

"The problem with many cat litter box designs is that they are flat. When the cat exercises its natural instinct of scratching litter over its waste; this produces a lot of cat litter being scattered around the cat litter box. This is the reason why many cat litter box manufacturers are using a high back design.

This design has a wall around the back of the cat litter box so that litter would be blocked from being scattered on the sides of the cat litter box. This is a really great invention though eventually you would have to replace the litter in your cat litter box.

This could be quite an uncomfortable experience for many cat owners because while modern cat litter is very absorbent, and a lot of the smell, dust and debris of cat waste is handled by the very effective cat litter products in the market today; they don't completely eliminate the odor.

Thankfully there is one product in the market that handles this potentially uncomfortable situation for high back litter boxes. This product is the Petmate High back Cat Litter Box Liners from Pet Store. Just lay this litter box liner at the bottom of your high back cat litter box, right after you've replaced the litter.

While the litter is fresh, align it with this liner. By the time you're ready to replace the cat litter, just pull up on the drawstrings; close it and throw it in the trash, nice and easy. Say goodbye to the hassles of high back cat litter box litter replacement by buying Petmate High back Cat Litter Box Liners.

Petmate High Back Drawstring Litter Liners Large 12 Count Petmate's extended lines of litter liners and filters help to keep your kitty's litter box clean. Liners make changing litter simple and clean while filters minimize unpleasant odors, keeping air fresher.
  • Large
  • 8.9" x 2.4" x 2.8"
  • 12 Count