Fluker`s Repta+Boost Insectivore / Carnivore Emergency High Amp Boost - 50 Grams

"Getting a pet reptile can be quite an exciting experience. Reptiles are one of the most amazing classes of animals in the wild. If you've watched Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or National Geographic, you'd see the wide variety and beauty of animals from snakes with differing colors to lizards that change colors depending on their moods and background. Reptiles definitely have and appeal all their own.

If you're getting a reptile, make sure you're ready for one key contingency. Many reptiles whether they eat insect or meat can develop stress when they are being introduced to a new environment. You have to understand, reptiles in nature live in a wide variety of habitats and they're used to that specific habitat. Obviously, a terrarium is an artificial habitat and might not be equipped with the right features to effectively mirror the animal's home habitat. If you're getting it from a pet store, the animal also might be used to the specific cage it was kept in at the pet store.

Regardless, there is such a thing as transition stress. One key symptom of this stress is your pet stops eating. It just refuses to eat. In order to get you and your pet through this really stressful situation, get Fluker's Laboratories Repta-Aid Critical Care Formula Insectivore/ Carnivore Emergency Aid from Pet Store.

This product handles both meat eating and insect eating animals. This is a high energy food that you put into a spoon and use a feeding syringe. Just point the syringe down your pet's throat and push the syringe.

It's very tasty and your reptile would be sure to enjoy it; but it's really an emergency treatment for either sick or stressed reptiles. So, whether you own a bearded dragon, a chameleon, boa constrictor, frog, corn snake, gecko or any other amphibian or reptilian pet, Fluker's Laboratories Repta-Aid Critical Care Formula Insectivore/ Carnivore Emergency Aid can definitely help you.

Reptiles introduced into new enviroments may stop eating (anorexia) and drinking. If left untreated, these animals can become dehydrated or develop nutrition-related diseases. Emergency Aid was developed to assist these animals during these periods of stress.Emergency Aid is a supplement specially formulated to provide energy and fluid support for malnourished and dehydrated reptiles. It is available in a 50 gram size and includes measuring spoon and feeding syringe.Rehydrates herbivorous reptiles. Provides essential calories to injured or sick reptiles. Assists recently acquired reptiles. To use with Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Chameleons, Boas, Ball Pythons, Monitors, Frogs, Corn Snakes and other insctivore/carnivore reptiles and amphibians."