Four Paws Pet Aid Anti-Itch Medicated Pet Spray (8 oz.)

"Worried that your dog’s itchy spots turn into bigger wounds because of their constant scratching? Dogs often suffer from a lot of itching and pain when they have come out from surgery or they have an allergic reaction to something they ate or touched. When your dog keeps on scratching the same spot over and over again, what was once just a reddish blemish may turn into a bigger wound and can lead to more infections. These wounds will heal in time, of course, but would you let your pet be miserable and in pain for a much longer time than was necessary. Good thing there is Four Paws Pet Aid Anti-Itch Medicated Pet Spray Pet Store. It can give immediate relief to your pet suffering from itchiness.

You only need to apply it to an itchy spot. You wouldn’t have to worry that it will sting or cause any discomfort to your pet as it heals their itchy spots. The medicated spray was formulated by Four Paws, a brand trusted by pet owners worldwide to come up with formulations that will help their pet’s health. If you are worried about the painful consequences that your pet’s scratching can result to, give your relief by getting hold of Four Paws Pet Aid Anti-Itch Medicated Pet Spray.

Four Paws Pet Aid Medicated Anti-Itch Spray provides immediate relief from pain and itching caused by flea bites and allergic dermatitis.  Helps heal hot spots and does not sting when applied to your pet.  

  • 8 oz.