Four Paws Roam-About Heavy Duty Tie-Out Stake with 25 ft. Cable

"If you have super active dogs, you cannot possibly let them run around the house, unless you want something broken every now and then. Breaking things is not a positive thing but this may also hurt your pet, for example, being cut by a broken vase. What you can do is let them play outside the house. However, you cannot always stay and look after Fido because of the chores you had to do and leaving him outside playing might also cause troubles for him, for you and for the neighbors. You would not want your pet running around chasing cars it a speedy road. Keep him safe inside your backyard without limiting his movements.

Four Paws Roam-About Heavy Duty Tie-Out Stake with Cable from Pet Store is the best solution for this situation. This product will hold your pooch as if you are controlling him, without you being there. This tie-out combo pack includes a very durable stake that can be easily installed on a sturdy ground, and a 25-feet long heavy duty cable that attaches to the stake and then onto your dog’s collar. This heavy-duty duo can hold even large dogs, and will not be easily torn apart by sudden movements and excessive jumping and running.

Keep your dogs around the house with Four Paws Roam-About Heavy Duty Tie-Out Stake with Cable. You do not have to be there but you know your precious dog is safe from all the troubles the outside world may bring.

This combo package contains a Roam-About Tie-Out Stake w/25' Cable.