Four Paws Tie Out Stake Giant

"As much as you want your dogs to roam freely, there are instances when this is not possible at all. Sometimes, you need to tether your dogs to keep them confined to one area. There are many reasons why you have to do it -- it could be because they're too aggressive, or they tend to wander and get lost, or they are of a breed that is prone to being stolen. Whatever your reason may be, there's one thing for sure: You want your pet dogs to be secure when you do anchor them.

Thus, when looking for a stake, there's only one option for you: the Four Paws Tie-Out Stake Giant Pet Store. This stake is made of solid and heavy steel that is 28 inches in length and 1.4 kilograms in weight. To avoid rusting, the stake is powder-coated thoroughly from tip to end in very visible orange. The high visibility of the stake lowers the risks of accidents. You can't possibly trip over it or pass your mower over it if you can spot it right away.

The Four Paws Tie Out Stake Giant is especially designed for bigger and heavier dogs that can't be anchored by smaller stakes.

The Giant Tie Out stake was designed to firmly anchor large dogs. The stake is 28" long and made of solid steel that has been powder coated to inhibit rust. The bright orange color reduces the chance of accidents or damage of lawn equipment.