Super Pet CritterTrail ONE Complete Critter Cage (16 Inch L x 10 1/2 Inch W x 11 Inch H)

"If you love your hamsters, mice or gerbil pets so much, why not give them their own home? And it's not about them living inside your house. Introducing Super Pet Crittertrail One Complete Critter Cage from Pet Store. This cage is a house of its own. Complete with necessities like a 10-oz. water bottle and a sturdy dish, an excellent exercise wheel, a snap lock bubble-plug and an E-Z climb bubble wave funnel, your smaller pets will never be happier.

The hamster house is made with durable materials such as wires and plastics. Air can freely circulate within the confinements of the habitat. It also has a large space, allowing expansive movements and petting of your animal friend. The food containers are dishwasher-safe, and the ase is designed to prevent scattering of food and litter; these features makes cleaning a breeze. The base is also made to resist odors so your pets (and your home) still smell fresh. After all that eating, your hamsters or gerbil definitely needs some exercise. Your running experts will love the built-in wheel because it is safe and silent; nothing to disturb your pets as they go for that routine run.

Super Pet Crittertrail One Complete Critter Cage is made to last long. With its topnotch features, you can be sure that your pets will feel safe, healthy and loved.

Please Note: Color specification is not currently available.

Pets International CritterTrail One Small Animal Habitat CritterTrail One is the world best selling hamster home. CritterTrail ONE comes complete with a water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and a Fun-nels climbing tube. CritterTrail ONE offers spacious living space for all hamsters, gerbils or mice and it features Super Pet's unique "Petting Zone." The cool "Petting Zone" is a special area of the home that you can open so you can pick up your pet or provide them with a tasty treat. Even if your favorite critter isn't in the Petting Zone, there is an "E-Z" access doorway on the CritterTrail ONE making access to your pet easy and simple. CritterTrail ONE has six locations where accessories can be attached to the home so add as many fun accessories as you can. • 16in L x 10.5in W x 11in H • Suitable for Hamsters Mice & Gerbils • Expandable with six locations for add-on accessories
Please note: Color specification is unavailable on this item