Super Pet Gravity Bin Feeder for Small Pets (Assorted, 2 lbs., 5-3/4 Inch L x 5 Inch W x 8 Inch H)

"Providing your friends with a large supply of food, which can last for the entire week is made quick, easy, and fun with the Super Pet Gravity Bin Feeder for Small Pets from Pet Store. At first glance, you might think that this is just a toy, but upon closer inspection, you will see that it is somewhat of an automatic diet holder, which you can position anywhere using a mount and a bunch of suction cups, or the ordinary cables. It comes in an assortment of bright and fun colors. It is also available in a full dimension of 5 3/4 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 8 inches in height. It can hold up to two pounds of content.

What's great about this product is that it is quite appealing to the eyes, even to the viewpoint of your pets, which encourages them to use this often. It is equipped with a safety lock, which makes it a point to keep the food fresh and away from pollution when not in use. This will also save you the trouble of washing this frequently after every meal. Instead, you can leave the feeder inside your friends' home for one week at a time. It is fitted with a detachable, filter base that will separate the solid contents from the dust, which usually comes with it, protecting your pals from respiratory illnesses.

You can be sure that your friends have access to fresh and clean food for the entire week once you use the Super Pet Gravity Bin Feeder for Small Pets.

Please Note: Color specification is not currently available.

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    Super Pet Gravity Bin Feeder for Small Pets (Assorted, 2 lbs., 5-3/4 Inch L x 5 Inch W x 8 Inch H) Gravity Bin Feeders hold up to two pounds of food giving your pets a five day food supply! Gravity Bin Feeders exclusive snap-lock bracket system attaches directly to any wire cage. Sold separately, Super Pet's Suction-Cups (Item #61942) can be inserted into the Snap-Lock bracket allowing you to secure a Gravity Bin Feeder inside a glass enclosure. Gravity Bin Feeders feature an unique, sifter floor design that eliminates pellet dust which helps prevent respiratory problems in small animals. Available in fun assorted colors to brighten any small animal home
    Please note: Color specification is unavailable on this item