Super Pet Chew Proof Water Bottles for Pet Critters

"Little critters such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, white mice, rabbits, etc. may be small animals, but they're quite the active nibblers. They have sharp teeth that can cut through even strong materials. Thus, the tools and accessories you use around them should be quite strong, too!

Forget using small plastic bowls as their water containers. Your little critters will bite into them eventually - they not only have the strength, but they also have the patience. What you need to do is get them the Super Pet Chew Proof Water Bottle for Pet Critters from Pet Store. At 6 ounces, it's quite big for little critters so it obviously isn't something that they can break down easily. Also, it is chew-proof due to its stainless steel straw, so your pets will not be able to break it down at all.

The Super Pet Chew Proof Water Bottle for Pet Critters comes with a spring hanger which you can attach to any part of your pets' wire home. You can hang it as high as possible so only the steel straw is accessible to them. This steel straw, even when hanging upside down, will not spill the water when not in use, thanks to its drip-resistant design.

Chew-Proof Water Bottle, 6oz.