Super Pet Pet `n` Playpen with Mat for Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs (9 sq. ft.)

"Containing your small pets is now made easy with the Super Pet Pet 'N' Playpen for Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs from Pet Store. This play pen for small animals is made up of eight wire panels that you can connect together to form an enclosure for your pet. Each connectible wire panel measures 29 inches high and 18 inches wide. Once installed, the wires are one inch apart and forms an enclosure pen space of about nine square feet. This is an ideal play area for pet rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets.

The Super Pet Pet 'N' Playpen for Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs is simple to assemble. It has a protective plastic mat to be placed at the bottom of the enclosure to keep your floor tidy and to keep your pets warm from your cold floor. The mat is 47 inches long and 55 inches wide. It is also designed to easily be attached to trails in your home. For this purpose, passage way connectors and locking caps are provided in the package. The materials can also be easily folded and stored in a safe place when not in use.

The Super Pet Pet 'N' Playpen for Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs does not cover too much space and thus, it is ideal for pet owners with limited space in their house.

Pets International Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs or Ferret The Small Animal Pet-N-Playpen is a Connectable playtime pen for ferrets rabbits and guinea pigs. It has a protective mat that guards against messes. It also has eight wire panels with 1 inch wire spacing for over 9 sq ft. of play room. Product includes optional passageway connector and locking cap for linking directly to homes. Item is made with metal and plastic. Connectable playtime pen for ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs.