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Pet Tek DreamHome Rabbit Cage

"Ever wished that you can give your pet rabbit the best type of cage? Now you can, with Pet Tek Dreamhome Rabbit Cage. This cage has a size of 24L by 16W by 19H inches. This product is perfect for your cute and cuddly rabbit pets.

The Dream Cage is durable, long lasting and provides a whole range of visibility on your pet. It is made out of steel and has two doors that make entry and exit of your pet easy. The Dream Home Rabbit Cage Pet Store is equipped with a heavy duty carrying handle to support the size of your pet if you want to take them along during travel. On the floor, the cage is composed of a mesh wire that filters rabbit droppings and leaves your pet fresh and clean.

The Dream Home Rabbit Cage is already assembled and ready to use. Along with the purchase, the cage comes with detailed instructions on its usage terms and a simple training guide for your cuddly pet.

With the Dream Home Rabbit Cage, you will never go wrong because of its safety features and very durable composition. Your rabbit will surely enjoy living inside its little dream home comfortably and safely.

PET TEK - DreamHome - SMALL DreamHome Small - 24L x 16W x 19H"

Quality 2-Door black rabbit home with litter training guide, heavy duty carrying handle, and mesh wire floor. Provides a safe & secure rest area for your pets.
  • Completely assembled and ready to use. Setup in three easy steps. No tools required.
  • Durable, long lasting finish for years of service. Great ventilation & high visibility.
  • Deep, rigid plastic pan slides out for easy cleaning. Designed with rounded corners for excellent pet/owner safety. Two doors for versatility and convenience.