Pet Tek DreamHome Rabbit Cage - Large

"One of the most common problems rabbit owners face is a housing crunch for their floppy-eared friends. You see, many rabbit owners confuse generic metal grid cages for rabbit hutches. This makes for an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience for both rabbits and their owners. Make sure to pick rabbit cages that are specifically designed with rabbits' particular needs in mind.

You should look for a rabbit cage that is easy to set up and transport. You need a cage that can withstand several years of use. Your pet needs free flowing air and easy ventilation. A closed, improperly ventilated rabbit cage is not only uncomfortable it might also pose health problems for your pet. Your pet also deserves a sanitary environment where its waste is quickly, efficiently, and safely removed. Finally, the ideal rabbit cage must be designed with your safety in mind as well-a design that keeps you safe as you clean and handle your pet's cage.

Thankfully, the Pet Tek DreamHome Rabbit Cage from Pet Store incorporates all the concerns raised above in one easy, convenient, and versatile package. Made of durable materials with a hardy finish that can withstand the elements, this cage is built to last. Sporting round edges to eliminate the danger of cuts, this cage has your safety in mind at all times. Finally, its easy to access and easy to clean pans safeguards your pet's health against unsanitary conditions while boosting your personal convenience.

PET TEK - DreamHome - LARGE DreamHome Large - 37L x 18W x 21H"

Quality 2-Door black rabbit home with litter training guide, heavy duty carrying handle, and mesh wire floor. Provides a safe & secure rest area for your pets.
  • Completely assembled and ready to use. Setup in three easy steps. No tools required.
  • Durable, long lasting finish for years of service. Great ventilation & high visibility.
  • Deep, rigid plastic pan slides out for easy cleaning. Designed with rounded corners for excellent pet/owner safety. Two doors for versatility and convenience.