LM Animal Farms Bonanza Rabbit 4lb

"Not all small mammal pets are the same. While a rabbit and a guinea pig are both rodents, they have different nutritional needs. The same with mice and rats and other small animals. Each animal has its own different nutritional profile and the feed that you give your animal must be specifically tailored to their species.

Take rabbits for example. Rabbits need a rich and diverse diet made of quality seeds so that they can get all the protein, energy and nutrients that they need, grains for fiber, and also a wide range of vitamins. They also require fruits and nuts and vegetables with their own particular phytonutrient foot print. Feeding your rabbit hamster food might not be a good fit because there may be certain components that are missing, and their nutritional profile might not be fully met.

Thankfully there is a company that formulates pet feed specifically for rabbits. They have specifically researched rabbit's unique nutritional requirements and have formulated rabbit food that would meet the rabbit's nutritional needs while also being highly palatable and tasty to your pet rabbit. Introducing the LM Animal Farms Bonanza Rabbit food from Pet Store.

This is made from a specially formulated blend of high-quality seeds, grains, vitamin-fortified pellets, nuts, different fruits and vegetables. This is gourmet rabbit food. This is not your standard pelleted rabbit mush made of the standard grain. This is designed specifically to be highly palatable and tasty to your rabbit and each ingredient is carefully analyzed and selected for the highest quality.

It is enriched with vitamins to meet your pet's nutritional profile. LM Animal Farms Bonanza Rabbit food comes also in a re-sealable package so it is less hassle to feed your rabbit. You just take out a portion, feed your rabbit and reseal the package to seal in the freshness and maintain the flavor of this feed. Give your pet rabbit the gourmet it deserves, order a package of LM Animal Farms Bonanza Rabbit today.

Product Highlight(s):
    LM Animal Farms Bonanza Bounti-Buffet Rabbit Gourmet Food (4 lbs.) Rabbits require a rich, varied diet of quality seeds, grains, vitamin-enriched pellets, fruits, nuts, and veggies. L/M Animal Farms has responded to the dietary needs of your small animal by creating Bonanza. This gourmet diet is highly palatable. Bonanza Bounti-Buffet is a blend of carefully selected seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is fortified with vitamins. Packaged in L/M Barrier Loc resealable package that protects freshness and flavor.
    *Please Note: This is the NEW formula of Bonanza Rabbit food.

    Please Note: This is the New Formula"