LM Animal Farms Guinea Pig Diet - 20 lbs.

"Are your Guinea pigs tired of the food you've been serving it? Do you want to give your small pets a nice treat for a change? If so, then you might want to take a look at this item. The LM Animal Farms Guinea Pig Diet from Pet Store gives your little critters the new and delicious meal they're looking for. Made from all-natural ingredients, it will surely make a wonderful diet that your animals will never get bored with. It is available in a twenty-pound pack, which can last for numerous weeks.

The food is made from real fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains, freshly and carefully selected and processed to retain all its qualities. This makes it rich in flavors that will make your pets' mouths water, s well as in the vitamins and minerals that they need to have a long and healthy life. It contains no harmful chemicals and additives that are dangerous to animals, and it has no preservatives that can ruin its taste and nutrients. The pellets are made to be easy to chew by your pets, and it can be quickly digested.

Buy the LM Animal Farms Guinea Pig Diet for your little critters now, and give them a decent meal for a change. This product comes in a sealed pack and can be stored for a long time at room temperatures, with no refrigeration required.

Great tasting LM Animal Farms Guinea Pig Diet has hard pellets to help keep teeth healthy and satisfy your pet’s need to chew. Contains essential Vitamin C to help maintain a healthy immune system for your guinea pig.