L/M Animal Farms Parakeet Classic Diet 50lb

"Treat your feathered friends to an amazing feast, which they can enjoy daily for the rest of their lives. Give them a regular amount of the L/M Animal Farms Parakeet Classic Diet from Pet Store. This is available in a fifty-pound bag whose contents are guaranteed to stay fresh for a long time, primarily because of its special sea and zip-lock packaging. This is a complete food, preventing you from purchasing other supplements. Best of all, it is completely nutritious, in spite of its surprisingly pleasant taste. This can be fed to all species of birds, from hookbills to softbills.

This product is well-known for its successful combination of fruits, seeds, and other bits of vegetables, which led to the development of a single flavor. Its golden-brown color is even very enticing, persuading the pickiest of eaters to indulge themselves with this wonderful treat. It comes in bite-sized forms, which make it easy to swallow, and its chewy texture can exercise the strength of the beak greatly. It contains proteins and fats to contribute to a lean and muscular body. It is also equipped with vitamins for a better immunity system.

Your pets are sure to enjoy the taste, and the health benefits that the L/M Animal Farms Parakeet Classic Diet offers. This is truly a treat that is unlike any other, in terms of ingredients and formulation.

LM ANIMAL FARMS™ Classic™ Parakeet Food is a balanced mixture of fine quality seeds and natural grains blended with pellets into a daily diet for all parakeets, budgerigars and similar sized hookbills. LM ANIMAL FARMS™ palatable pellets provide vitamins, which are essential to a bird's diet. LM ANIMAL FARMS™ Triple-Fresh Seal™ packaging protects the freshness and flavor of your pet's food, and the Zip-Pak? Slider™ makes pouring and sealing a cinch.

    Please Note: This is the New Formula"