Lafeber`s Avi-Era Concentrated Vitamin Powder for Birds (1 1/4 oz.)

"Many kinds of bird feed are nutritious and delicious in their own right. They provide a balanced diet for different kinds of pet birds. Regardless of the species of your pet birds, you'll surely find a food product that is especially formulated for them. You’ll never have to worry about not finding a suitable food product for them.

However, if you want to make sure that your pet birds do get 100% of their daily nutritional requirement that regular food products can’t give, you'll have to give them vitamin supplements, such as the Lafeber's Avi-Era Concentrated Vitamin Powder for Birds Pet Store. This concentrated powder has 13 of the most essential vitamins birds need for their development and growth. You may find these vitamins in regular food products, but not in the same concentration and not all in just one mix.

Administering the Lafeber's Avi-Era Concentrated Vitamin Powder for Birds is quite easy. Simply mix it with your pet birds' food or water. The powder will dissolve easily and quickly, and will not alter their taste.

The powder itself can last in storage for at least two years, making each 1.25 oz. plastic bottle of this product last a long, long way.

Lafeber's Avi-Era Vitamins is made to be easy to administer.  There is no mixing necessary because it dissolves easily in water.  It has good taste that's well accepted and it's formulated to stay fresh for more than 2 years.  Contains all 13 essential vitamins.  Available in a 1.25 oz bottle.

  • 12 Oz. Bottle