Lee`s Aquarium Betta Hex Dual

"Like people, different kinds of fish have certain traits that characterize them. For example, some species of fish get along with other fish, while some are better off living alone. One such loner fish is the betta. Male bettas, in particular, can be really aggressive. They fight with other fish, and this is why they are sometimes called the "fighter fish". They tend to be aggravated by bright colors, so it’s not a good idea to mix them with other species of fish.

If you want to have bettas as pets, but if you’re not happy with just one, the Lee’s Aquarium Betta Hex Dual Pet Store is the solution for you. This tank is especially designed to house bettas, particularly two bettaa separated by a divider. This divider is removable, so you can take it out if you decide to house just one betta.

The divider of Lee’s Aquarium Betta Hex Dual is clear, so that each of your betta can see the other. This visual stimulates their aggression, which in turn intensifies their coloring and makes them spread out their fins and flare out their gills. However, because of the divider, they can’t fight with and harm each other. The divider keeps them safe in their own sections.

Designed with a removable divider, the Large Betta Keeper houses two Bettas.  The close proximity of the Bettas stimulates them to intensify their colors, spread their fins and flare their gills.  The Large Betta Keeper is a natural compliment to our original BettaHex.  Comes with lid, removable divider, plastic plant and gravel.

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