Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Bottle 32oz

"Tired of struggling with your pet's water bottle? Replace it with Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Bottle from Pet Store and save those minutes removing and putting back whenever you need to refill. This genius design is so convenient especially for on-the-go pet owners. The bracket is designed to be easily mounted on cage wires. The top is The bottle's body is made with durable plastic that does not readily weather and has good longevity. It is heavy duty and can be used indoors or outdoors. The semi-opaque design makes it resistant to UV rays.

The valve is made with stainless steel and is designed to be no-drip. The only time water will come out is when your pet drinks from it. The days of cleaning very wet cages are over! Whenever you need to add more water into it, you simply have to open the flip top and pour. Cleaning time is not a problem either. The opening on top is big enough to accommodate a small brush or a sponge. It slides smoothly and locks in place when replaced. It's that easy! No more jostling the cage just to get the bottle. Your pet can have a steady supply of water in peace with a Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Bottle. Get one today!

Product Highlight(s):
    Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Bottle (32 oz.) Heavy duty, high capacity water tank with no-drip valve for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and small dogs. Removable top with wide opening for easy cleaning. No need to remove bottle from cage to refill. New patented valve cannot be pushed up inside the tube. Heavy duty quick lock bracket attaches to any horizontal or vertical wire cage.