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Lixit Glass Water Bottle

"Looking for a convenient water bottle for your bird? Give your feathery pets a good drinking accessory with the Lixit Glass Water Bottle (8 oz) from Pet Store! Nifty and convenient, this product will make sure that your bird is well-hydrated without making any soggy mess in its home. Easy to refill and drink from, it will certainly give you and your fowl pal the satisfaction you both wanted.

The bird accessory is made from a combination of glass and steel materials. High-quality glass is used to manufacture the bottle, and it is very durable, with a thickness that is not easy to crack or break. For the drinking chute, a stainless steel tube is provided along with the cap; this has a ball and seal that keep the water from spilling from it. The water tube is very friendly on your pet's beak, and they can comfortably drink from it. And the bottle can be easily attached to the bird cage, ready for use. For your convenience, the product is easy to clean and sanitize.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best drinking bottle for your bird now! This product is available in other bottle quality (plastic), sizes, and color options. With the Lixit Glass Water Bottle (8 oz), your pet will never thirst again!

Lixit Glass Water Bottle 8oz 8oz economy glass bottle with spring holder. Used for small birds, hamsters, mice and rats. Bottle attaches to wire cages. Bottle is dishwasher safe.