MidWest Wabbitat® Rabbit Cage 25x19x20 Inch

"If you need a durable rabbit cage, then buy the Mid-West Metal Rabbit Cage from Pet Store. This cage is well-built to last a long time. It is made of high-quality metal which is resistant to rust. You can place two to three rabbits in it at the same time because it is spacious inside. This sturdy metal cage has top and side openings. This provides easy access anytime. Its grid mesh provides your pet proper ventilation and visibility. This will make your pet comfortable when inside the cage. You will have no hassles cleaning and maintaining this cage because it has a removable plastic pan at the bottom.

This catches wastes and food spills. You can simply slide it out and wash it with soap and water. Stains and odors do not stick on it making your work easier and faster. You can carry or move the cage from one place to another because it weighs light. The cage is made only of safe materials that it will not harm your pet's health. It also has no sharp edges which may injure you when you get too close to it. The Mid-West Metal Rabbit Cage is a convenient choice to buy because it is durable, easy to maintain, and very affordable. Get this for your rabbits today.

Sets Up Complete in Seconds - No Tools or Connecting Pieces Required! Front and Top Door Access Unique Slide-Latch Allows for One-Handed Operation Durable, Slide-Out ABS Plastic Pan 1/2" Grid Mesh Floor Supports & Protects Bright Zinc Plated with Acri-Lock Acrylic Coating Model 151 Size: 25 L x 19 W x 20 H Mesh: 1 x 4 Material: 12 & 13 gauge wire Weight: 12 lbs.  shipping charge that is included in our retail price."