Zoo Med Reptile Dual Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

"Do you want to know a sure-fire way of discerning, whether your cold-blooded friends are safe and warm inside their home with the temperature that you’ve set? If so, then the Zoo Med Reptile Dual Thermometer/Humidity Gauge from Pet Store is just the right product for you. As a reptile keeper, you should always be aware that different species require varying amounts of heat. Therefore, this special thermometer will keep you up-to-date about the current condition inside your terrarium or vivarium.

This thermometer primarily updates you on the heat level of your pets’ home. Nevertheless, it also acts as a humidity gauge to measure the density and moisture amounts of the glass case. These factors affect the quality of your reptiles’ lives greatly, so knowing the condition of their living environment will give you a good idea on how to maintain it effectively.

This device is meant to be hung on the side of the terrarium with its Velcro strap. It is quite durable, and it is equipped with a de-fogger to allow you to make out the readings quickly. It can withstand any amount of heat, enabling you to leave it on the case for a prolonged period.

You can be confident that your terrarium and vivarium have just the right temperature levels to keep your reptiles warm and healthy with the Zoo Med Reptile Dual Thermometer/Humidity Gauge. This is definitely a convenient tool, which will allow you to monitor whether your pets are comfortable inside their own home.

Zoo Med Reptile Dual Thermometer/Humidity Gauge Zoo Med's Precision Analog Gauges are of professional breeder quality, with many features not found in cheap imported gauges. Features include European-made precision German movement, side-venting to prevent against "fogging" inside the thermometer, and Velcro backing enabling you to remove the gauge for terrarium cleaning and maintenance. Allows for the monitoring of temperature and humidity of your terrarium with one unit. Thermometer scale 20 F-12 0F (-6 C to 49 C). Humidity scale 0 to 100%