Zupreem Marmoset Diet 12- 15oz Cans

"It can be quite difficult for an exotic pet owner to find food that has everything their pet needs. If you own a marmoset or a tamarin and are looking for the right diet, get a can of Zupreem Marmoset Diet from Pet Store. A few years ago, animal experts found out that monkeys from the Ceboidea family are not able to convert vitamin D2 to the necessary D3 form. This brought on an extensive research for the right combination of ingredients to make a complete diet for the said animals. Veterinarians and animal nutritionists then came up with Zupreem Marmoset Diet. It is a complete diet designed to be the main food item of marmosets and tamarins besides having a vitamin C supplement.

New World monkey caregivers have used it for over three decades. That is how effective this diet is. It contains the necessary vitamin D3 levels that marmosets and tamarins need in their daily nutrition as well as other essential nutrients. Zupreem Marmoset Diet is also formulated to be highly palatable and aromatic, making it irresistible to the furry little critters. Keep your exotic friends healthy through nutritious and delicious food. Get them a can of Zupreem Marmoset Diet today!

Can be fed as the sole diet for marmosets and tamarins. Highly palatable and readily consumed. Sold in a case of twelve 15oz cans."