Zupreem Dry Primate 20lb

"Feed your energetic primate friends with the super nutritious ZuPreem Dry Primate diet from Pet Store. A complete yet balanced meal that is perfect for your pet, this dry meal contains the essential nutrients that non-human primates need. This diet contains all-natural foods, which are made from choice quality ingredients that are carefully formulated to give your pet the precise protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals that its body requires.

Only the Zupreem Dry Primate has keenly ensured that vitamin D3 in the meal is precisely measured to meet the required level that suits primates, particularly the Old and New World monkeys. The mixture does not need any additional supplements, except for occasional natural sources of Vitamin C. Adding other supplements may harm the balance of nutrients in the diet.

The ZuPreem Dry Primate comes in the form of bite-sized, easy-to-grasp pellets that are perfect for feeding young primates. The meal is crafted to be easily digested, and it does not cause stomach ache or indigestion. The diet is great tasting too, and you can give as much as your pet wants.

For your convenience, the diet comes in a 20-pound bag that is enough to supply the regular needs of your pet. Each adult primate can consume approximately a pound of ZuPreem Dry Primate diet for every 35 pounds of your pet's body weight. This is the perfect food for monkeys, apes, and gorillas, as well as squirrels and marmosets.

Product Highlight(s):
    Zupreem Dry Primate Diet - Animal Food (20 lb.) ZuPreemĀ® Primate Diet Dry is a nutritionally complete diet designed to meet all the nutritional requirements of non-human primates, including the great apes. The diet contains adequate levels of protein and vitamin D3 to meet the needs of both New World and Old World primates.