Natural Chemistry De Flea RTU Shampoo Cat 8oz

Product Highlight(s):
  • Contains no Pyrethrins or similar chemicals
  • Unconditionally guaranteed.
  • NOTE: When using on cats, it is recommended that the cat be rinsed (especially in the face area) and dried after application.  This will prevent ingestion of large quantities of product during the kitten`s normal self-grooming process.  It is vital for young puppies and kittens to maintain a normal body temperature.  Take precautions to provide a warm environment during and after bathing.
Natural Chemistry De Flea RTU Shampoo Cat (8 oz.) Kills fleas on contact!  This product does not use pyrethroids or similar chemicals to achieve results, so fleas and other parasites do not become resistant.  Thus, the product never loses effectiveness. The only contact flea killer that can be used in conjunction with spot on type products, it is highly effective on fleas and mites. DeFlea can even be used on young puppies and kittens and when other flea control products are present!