Kordon (Novalek) Metal Oasis ® BASIC HOLD-GUARDS Mount Bottle Guard - 8oz

  • Protects bottle against chewing and gnawing damage.
  • Used successfully with small cage animals and birds.
  • Mounts easily in wire or glass cages.
  • Adapts for use in carriers and airline-approved kennels.
Metal Oasis ® BASIC HOLD-GUARDS ® are uniquely designed to hold and protect Oasis water bottles, with styles for 4 ounce, 8 ounce, 16 ounce and 32 ounce sizes, bothe regular bottles and the Oasis Bell Bottles. The metal retainer ring flips-down to secure the bottle in the holder. The Guards are constructed of 22 ga. plated steel with a baked-on corrosion proof powder coating for durability and pleasing appearance.The wrap-around guard, prevents gnawing animals from damaging the edges of the bottle and/or cap. The M-55 (8-ounce size) can also be used with the Oasis #81010 Bird Bottle. Use the adjustable strap hanger and bend to fit most wire cages, pet carriers and glass aquarium-type cages. When used in glass cages, the strap hangs over the upper edge anywhere around the top of the frame. Basic Hold-Guards can also be securely attached directly to wooden cage walls with an #8 or #10 wood screw.

**Please Note: BASIC HOLD-GUARDS Mounts come in assorted colors. Color selection is unavailable on this item.