Kordon Oasis (Novalek) Rabbit Bottle All Weather

"Is your rabbit not as bright-eyed as it should be? Maybe it is not getting the right amount of liquids. Pet owners usually keep the houses for their rabbits outside the house, where their feeders and water bottles are can be exposed to various types of weather. Water bottles that are made of plastic are often vulnerable to damage in these cases because being exposed to sunlight makes the material brittle so they can crack easily. The poor rabbits will have less water and other liquids in their diet!

If you're looking for a more reliable solution for this problem, look for Kordon Oasis (Novalek) Rabbit Bottle All Weather Pet Store. It is especially designed for outdoor use and can go through all types. Direct sunlight and the ultraviolet damage it can give are not a problem with these containers. The water bottle can also be easily attached to your pets' outdoor cage so that the rabbits are sure to have a steady supply of water and other liquids whether it rains, snows or shines. Keep your rabbits bright-eyed and healthy throughout the year with Kordon Oasis (NOVALEK) Rabbit Bottle All Weather.

UPC 0-48054-80850-0 Item # 80850 M-85 AC All-Weather? Rabbit Water Bottle 32 oz. Clrd. OASIS? ALL-WEATHER polyethylene bottles are the bottle of choice for outdoor use where exposure to direct sunlight increases the chances of Ultra-violet damage