Kordon Oasis (Novalek) Bird Bottle 4oz

"You can easily give your feathered friends a clear access to some fresh water by using the Kordon Oasis (Novalek) Bird Bottle from Pet Store. This product will save you a lot of time and energy by removing the process of preparing a dish at specific periods altogether. This is suitable for those owners who need to be away for the entire day due to work, and the like. This is exclusively manufactured for the use of these species, and it is the perfect solution to keeping the liquid fresh at all times.

This bottle can hold up to four ounces of water, which is enough to last for one whole day. It is equipped with small, red balls, which are not only there to attract your pets' attention, but will also serve as a divider of the triple water chambers. This ensures that your friends have two, extra stocks of liquid, when necessary. These orbs function as a cork, as well, stopping the water from flowing out when the product is not in use. It will prevent any exposure to air and moisture, which could lead to pollution and oxidation.

You can be sure that your feathered friends have a reliable source of water at all times when you give them the Kordon Oasis (Novalek) Bird Bottle.

Bird Bottles have a specially designed "Triple Ball Point" tip with a built in reservoir featuring a red nylon ball to attract birds. There are two stainless steel balls above the red ball to add weight and seal against dripping. Green bottle color helps prevent oxidation of vitamins and medications added to water.

  • 4 ounce size