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Esbilac Powder

"Are you taking care of an orphan puppy or one that was rejected by its mother? Puppies like these do not have a source of milk which can give them the minerals and vitamins they need in order to develop properly. If you are planning to give them a milk to help them grow up and develop into healthy dogs, you have to make sure that what you give them is formulated to give the right nutrients and at the right amount.

Give them Pet Ag Esbilac Powder Pet Store. It is made of natural ingredients without any preservatives. In fact, it is formulated too be similar to a female dog's milk in protein and carbohydrate content. It is a complete and nutritious meal needed by newborn puppies and those who are still nursing. It is also fortified with the minerals and vitamins that a growing dog needs, and can also be given to adult dogs that are undergoing a lot of stress, such as recovery from surgery, to help them have an easily digestible and nutritious food.

That brand is a trusted name among veterinarians worldwide for decades. For milk that you will be sure to give your young pets the nutrition they need, give them Pet Ag Esbilac Powder.

A complete food source for orphaned or rejected puppies or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding. Also recommended for growing puppies or adult dogs that are stressed and require a source of highly digestible nutrients. Esbilac is a complete diet for puppies fortified with vitamins and minerals. Esbilac s life saving formula closely matches bitch s milk in protein and energy and has set the standard in canine neonatal nutrition for over 70 years. Powder formula is easy to mix with water."