Pet Ag KMR Liquid 13oz

"Are you looking for a milk to give support your kitten’s health? The Pet AG KMR Liquid 13OZ from Pet Store is milk intended for kittens as a replacement to their mother’s milk. This is ideal for orphaned kittens, and lactating and pregnant cats. The Pet AG KMR Liquid 13OZ is a great way to help kittens grow faster and to develop better during their critical stages in life. It also builds strong immunity. This will prevent them from getting sick. Your kittens will love this milk because it tastes like real adult cat milk.

The Pet AG KMR Liquid 13OZ is packed with high-quality ingredients to give your kittens a healthy milk to drink. This powdered milk is very easy to mix and dissolve. The Pet AG KMR Liquid 13OZ is highly required for kittens that need essential nutrients. It is highly digestible which is best for their sensitive digestive system. This very nutritious powdered milk is also great for newly born kittens. Top breeders and veterinarians use and recommend this product. The Pet AG KMR Liquid 13OZ is very affordable. Don’t put your kitten’s lives at risk. Be sure with the Pet AG KMR Liquid 13OZ. Grab one today!

Pet Ag KMR Liquid Milk Replacer for Kittens is a complete food source for orphaned or rejected kittens or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding. Also recommended for growing kittens or adult cats that are stressed and require a source of highly digestible nutrients."