Pet Ag Nipples 2oz Sz 5/ pack

"Are you taking care of an orphan puppy or one that was rejected by its mother? You are probably using an animal nurser bottle to give it milk. Although nursing bottles for humans and animals look alike, you may notice that nursing bottles that are meant for animals are made of durable materials because of their more demanding feeding needs. PetAg Nurser Bottles is one of the most trusted brands of animals feeding bottles used by veterinarians and concerned animal lovers to give liquids to the young animals they care for.

The bottle is made of tough plastic to help so it can be used and sterilized again and again. It also has calibrations on the side to help in the accurate measure of formula to feed the animals. The nipples also come without any holes so it can be punctured afterward depending on the kind of animal being fed. f you are using the PetAg Nurser Bottle, you should also get hold of Pet Ag Nipples 2oz Pet Store.

These are nipples that can replace worn ones in your nursing bottles. Each pack contains five replacement nipples without any holes and can be custom punctured by the user. To help you feed young animals with the liquids they need, use the durable PetAg Nurser bottles and the replacement Pet Ag Nipples 2oz.

oz. Replacement Nipples are replacement nipples for PetAg s 2 oz. nurser bottle Replacement nipples are available on a pegable card containing 5 nipples."