Sun Seed Company Vita Plus Chinchilla 25lb

"Chinchillas are fun pets to have. They're small, adorable, and playful. They're also quite easy to manage, too. They are low-maintenance pets that make perfect companions for kids or for first-time pet owners.

Feeding chinchillas are easy, too. There are a lot of tasty and nutritious chinchilla food products available in the market. However, you must take note that chinchillas have rather sensitive stomachs. They must be given a high-quality diet full of nutrition to remain healthy.

One of the best food products you can give to chinchillas is the Sun Seed Company Vita Plus Chinchilla from Pet Store, which is full of fiber to aid chinchillas in the digestive process. It has timothy hay -- chopped finely into tiny pieces -- as an additional source of fiber. It also has protein so that chinchillas can grow stronger bones. Overall, it has all the nutrients and minerals chinchillas need to be strong and healthy, so this product is a complete meal in itself.

Sun Seed Company Vita Plus Chinchilla has absolutely no corn. Corn can cause upset stomach and bloating in chinchillas. Many other food products have corn in their ingredients, so be wary of them. Although not all chinchillas react negatively to corn, some of them have been recorded to have adverse reactions, so it's best not to take the chance.

Sun Seed Vita Plus Large Hookbill A complete diet that is CORN FREE and vitamin and mineral enriched, has balanced protein and fiber PLUS added chopped timothy hay for additional fiber.