Kong E-Collars

"Need something for your dog to wear for a while so that it will keep its jaws in check? Then this item might be the answer you want to hear! The Kong E-Collar Pet Store gives you the accessory your canine needs. Worn around the neck, it will keep your pet in check, preventing it from biting and scratching any injury or wound that you want to heal quickly. This is a very helpful product to have, and it will definitely help you better take care of your four-pawed buddy.

The product is made from high-quality materials, and it is tough yet lightweight, it has padded necklines to make it as easy and as comfortable to wear by your dog as possible, and it is transparent so that it can still see well. It can be adjusted from 21 inches to 25 inches, so it can fit your pet perfectly and snugly. And it is long-lasting, able to endure that dog’s pawing and biting.

The Kong E-Collar is for sale in XX-Large, which is suitable for very large dogs. It can be stored using little space if not in use. Buy this useful accessory now so your canine buddies can recover from their accidents and mishaps quicker, allowing them to enjoy life more enthusiastically afterwards. It is also available in other sizes.

A Safe and humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a healing wound or injury.  Padded neckline adds extra comfort and padded outer edge minimizes scratches and dings to walls, shins and furniture, etc.  

  • 21" - 25" Neck Diameter