Tetra Staple 7.06oz

"When feeding your tropical fish, make sure that you give them something that's not only delicious, but nutritious as well. Also, make sure to give them a food product that has ingredients close to the food they eat in their natural environment.

If you want to go as natural as you can without actually diving into the sea to go straight to the food source, give your fish the trusted Tetra Staple, which is an especially formulated diet for tropical fish. This food product comes in flakes -- each created by a special and unique process that involves combining 40 high-quality ingredients together to form a delicious mix. Each flake is yummy, nutritious and fully digestible. Because it appeals to the taste of tropical fish, they will surely eat the flakes and leave almost nothing uneaten. If there is less uneaten food, it means there is less tank waste to be processed by the filter. This, in turn, means longer life for your filtration system. It also means your fish get more nutrition than ever.

The Tetra Staple from Pet Store has essential nutrients fortified by Vitamin C. It does not form clouding in the water, provided it is used as specified in the instructions.

TetraMin now features ProCare, a health-enchancing system that contains Omega-3 fatty acids to give fish the "healthy fat" needed for energy and growth, immune boosting ingredients, and a biotin supplement to bolster metabolism.

  • Available in 7.06oz, 1L container