Tetra Staple (Large flake) 5.65oz

"Give your aquatic pets a new and different food for a change and buy for it the Tetra Staple (Large Flake) 5.65 Oz. from Pet Store Delicious and nutritious, this product will definitely be something your fishes will crave for. This is a must-have for those enthusiasts and hobbyists who want to get the nest diet for their sea pals.

The product is made from a special formula, and it contains all-natural ingredients found in the ocean, processed with care to retain its qualities. It also has other ingredients and supplements that are bursting with vitamins and minerals that fishes need to survive and be healthy in their artificial home. It does not contain any chemicals or additives that might cause harm to your animals, plants and rocks, and it certainly does not have any preservatives that might discolor the tank's water. The flakes are easy to chew and quick to digest, and it does not quickly sink and dissolve into mush, which would make quite an annoying mess for you to clean up.

The Tetra Staple (Large Flake) 5.65 Oz is suitable for large fishes. With this tasty and healthy product, your pets will be nourished and satisfied in the best possible way. This item is also for sale in other amounts.

All the benefits of TetraMin, the world's leading flake food, in a larger flake for bigger fish.

  • Available in 5.65oz, 1L container