Tetra TetraColor Tropical Granules Fish Food - 2.65 oz.

"If you really want the features and colors of your marine inhabitants to pop out more against an overly decorated background, then you will be surprised to learn how you can easily do this by just changing the diet of your fish from the current brand to the Tetra Color Tropical Granules Pet Store. This is absolutely a balanced meal, which will present your friends with a complete set of nutrients, partnered with a great and addictive taste. Its size is suitable for larger species, though you can break up each piece to cater to smaller pets. You can purchase this in a 2.65-ounce pack, which is good enough to last several weeks.

This diet is rich in proteins and healthy fats, which is perfect for the growth and development of bigger species. It has vitamins and minerals to boost the immunity system, as well. To prevent the food from holding back on its potential to offer your fish with wholesome benefits, this has not been formulated with preservatives and other artificial chemicals. It is also good to know that this is originally created by marine scientists, assuring you that it is packed with everything, which your pets need to survive. Unlike other brands, this is equipped with a color-enhancing substance, which will emphasize the features of your friends.

Your marine inhabitants will look better and feel healthier with a regular ration of the Tetra Color Tropical Granules.

Tetra Color Tropical Granules Want to bring out the beautiful colors of your larger tropicals'? ColorBits Tropical Granules are designed for larger fish such as Discus and Angelfish. In addition, these slow-sinking granules bring color-enhancing nutrition to mid-water and bottom feeding fish. Enhanced with vitamin C and the patented health enhancing ProCare from TetraMin®.