Tetra Baby Shrimps Delica Food .42oz

"Have you ever tried presenting your marine inhabitants with a type of diet, which can only be found in the sea? Are you the type of aquarist who believes that a natural meal is better than any store-bought products? If this is so, then the Tetra Baby Shrimps Delica Food Pet Store is truly the perfect choice for your fish. You will immediately see with one glance that this is not like the usual food, which you normally give to your pets. This is available in a 0.42-ounce pack, which is meant to be used entirely at once, and it can last consumption for a couple of weeks.

This diet is essentially a large piece of shrimp, which has been effectively frozen and dried to preserve its natural tastes, as well as to sustain its wholesome benefits. You will be pleased to know that this has been recently caught immediately before it had undergone the conservation process and then packed. Knowing this, you are guaranteed that there wasn’t any time to mix in some preservatives and additives into the meal. This can provide your fish with a high-fiber food, which is great for the digestion. It will not pollute the water, as well, since it will be immersed permanently.

Providing your fish with a well-rounded meal doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming process when you have the Tetra Baby Shrimps Delica Food.

These whole sun dried shrimp (including tail) improve digestion while providing roughage and more for large ornamentals.  An excellent alternative to messy live or frozen treats for Gouramis, Angels and Goldfish.

  • Available in 0.35oz, 100ml container