Tetra Staple Flake Food 3.53oz

"The Tetra Staple Flake Food Pet Store offers you a nice product that you can serve to your sea pals for their meal. Made from all-natural ingredients, it will surely provide your pets the tasty and healthy diet they need. And with so many other brands offering sub-standard feeds, this is the most optimal choice you can get.

The product is made from a special formula containing real food ingredients, which are processed with care to retain all of its qualities. It also contains supplements that will provide all the vitamins and minerals your pets need. The food does not contain any chemicals and additives that are harmful to animals, and it uses no preservatives that might leave an awful taste and color in your tank water. It comes in soft and thin flakes, and these sink fast without dissolving to let your fishes take it. It is easy to chew and quick to swallow, and it does not leave any mess for you to deal with afterwards.

The Tetra Staple Flake Food is available in 3.53 ounces, and it comes in a canister that can keep it from spoiling and from pests for a good period of time at normal temperatures. Buy this food product now and give your sea pals the satisfaction they’ve been missing for so long.

TetraMin now features ProCare, a health-enchancing system that contains Omega-3 fatty acids to give fish the "healthy fat" needed for energy and growth, immune boosting ingredients, and a biotin supplement to bolster metabolism.

  • Available in 3.53oz, 500ml container