Tetra Reptomin Baby Shrimp Treat .35oz

"Give your fish a different kind of meal with the Tetra Reptomin Baby Shrimp Treat from Pet Store. This is certainly a great difference from the food pellets that they are used to eating daily. This is available in a pack that weighs at about 0.35 ounce, which is good for a couple of days. What’s great about this new diet is that it can be enjoyed by all species, from your floaters to the bottom feeders. It also possesses a taste that even your carnivorous pets will not refuse. Plus, other pets, like turtles, will appreciate this snack, too.

The food has been dried to preserve its innate salty texture and great flavor. This treat is made from 100% natural ingredients, including shrimp and krill as the chief dishes. It is equipped with the same nutrients that can be found in these marine lives, such as protein and carbohydrates. The product comes in minuscule, bite-sized pieces, making it easier for your small fish to enjoy. It is not formulated with additives and artificial flavoring.

Your fish, as well as other animals, will simply love the new taste the Tetra Reptomin Baby Shrimp Treat will bring to them. Don’t be surprised when, the next day, they seem to want this very same diet.

Tetra Reptomin Baby Shrimp Treat .35oz Whole, sun-dried freshwater gammarus shrimp, 100% all natural. These small, baby shrimps are high in protein and are eagerly devoured by all aquatic turtles, frogs and newts.