TetraPond Floating Food Sticks 11lbs 40L Box

"Looking at your own can be soothing after a hard day's work, but what if your pet koi and goldfish seem reluctant to swim up and just remain at the bottom? How soothing would you find them if they are less graceful or less colorful? Unhealthy fish easily show their physical state with their movements and the brightness of their scales. Fish food for koi and goldfish must be especially formulated for their health and nutrition needs so using fish food for other fish varieties, particularly the smaller ones living in aquariums, is a bad idea.

Fish food for other varieties of fish may not also be ideal for use in pond environments which have maintenance needs unlike those for aquariums. If you're planning to feed fish varieties like koi and gold fish, remember Tetrapond Floating Food Sticks Pet Store. They are an ideal way to maintain your pond fish's overall health and energy. It is even formulated to make sure that your fish will lead a long healthy life. Unlike other fish food which sink to the bottom and dirty up the pond, these food sticks are also designed to stay afloat until it is all consumed. Make your fish stay healthy and graceful for a long time. Feed them Tetrapond Floating Food Sticks.

TetraPond Floating Food Sticks 11lbs. 40L Box
  • Premium Nutrition for Goldfish and Koi
  • An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longetivity and overall health.