Tetra Repto Filter

"Even terrariums need a filter to provide a cleaner and safer home for your pets. And when it comes to taking up this challenge, no other product can offer you valuable services more than the Tetra Repto Filter from Pet Store. This special type of filter has three basic functions: it can get rid of filth and debris; it can neutralize pungent and unpleasant odors; and it can reduce discoloration of your pets and its environment. With such a multi-purpose product, you and your pet are well-provided for.

The filter is especially designed for the shallow waters of the terra animal glass tank. For your reptile's safety, the utility is well-covered, and it has a lid so you can check it out for maintenance. It has a very good capacity, able to pump water up to 90 gph, and it can clean up to 20 gallons of water. This product is not just a reliable filter, but it can make for a good pump, as well, ideal for waterfalls applications. And it is completely safe and easy to operate.

With the Tetra Repto Filter, your pet will have a better home. The product will certainly give you both the satisfaction you've been missing from other filter brands.

Provides quality three stage filtration - removing debris, discoloration, odors and ammonia from the terrarium.  The design allows for operation in shallow water environments, making it ideal for creating waterfalls.  A top lid keeps reptiles out of the filter chamber, while providing easy access for replacing filter cartridges.

  • Pumps 90 gph, filters up to 20 gallon aquatic terrariums