Tetra Repto Filter Cartridge 3 Count

"When it comes to reptilian environment maintenance, filter selection must always take into consideration the food of the aquarium or terrarium's inhabitants. Differing species' foodstuff vary. Although you can house reptiles in an aquarium with a rocky portion, the fact of the matter is that fish food is different from reptile food when it comes to filtering. Reptile food places a differing load on filters than fish food. Choose a filter that is able to not only remove reptile food particles efficiently, it must also remove odors in such a way that is geared toward reptilian requirements.

The same goes for the other functions filters perform: removing discoloration and maintaining overall environmental health. Just as important as filter choice is filter cartridge choice. The cartridge you select must be able to handle the specific impact of reptile feed on efficient filtering.

Thankfully, the Tetra company came through with a filter that fully answers the needs of reptile environments. Using ultra activated carbon, the Tetra Repto Filter Cartridge from Pet Store effectively removes waste, smells, and wards off discoloration easily day after day, week after week. Each part of your reptiles' environment is important in maintaining your system's overall health. Use a filter cartridge that safeguards your pet's environment efficiently and effectively. Use Tetra Repto Filter Cartridge today.

Tetra Repto Filter Cartridge Cartridges complete easy to maintain ReptoFilter. Filled with Ultra Activated carbon, the ready to use disposable cartridge removes waste particles, odors and discoloration.

Medium Size 3-pk assembled