Tetra Heater Submersible HT10

"If you have tropical fish in your aquarium, keeping the water at a steady warm temperature is essential. If they are left in cold water, their metabolism, which is adapted only to warm water, will malfunction and may lead to their death. With Tetra Heater Submersible HT10 from Pet Store, you do not have to worry about this. This submersible heater is compact and can fit into even the smallest aquarium. It has an electric thermostat that keeps the water temperature at an even 78 Fahrenheit, just the right temperature that your tropical fish needs to be healthy.

Its tubular shape makes it easy to install - just place it horizontally at the bottom of your tank, plug it into a power supply, and it will start heating your water immediately. Even if it is compact, it can heat the water evenly. If you have a bigger tank, you can put in two of the Tetra Heater Submersible HT10 or one of the HT30 models. Tetra Heater Submersible HT10 measures 4.75 inches in length and uses 50 watts of electricity. Don't wait until your aquarium water runs cold. Go get a Tetra Heater Submersible HT10 today and have yourself a brilliant and thriving tropical paradise right in your tank!

Tetra Heater Submersible The new Tetra HT10 and HT30 submersible heaters are very easy to use for aquariums ranging from 2 to 30 gallons. The electronic thermostat automatically adjusts heat output to keep the water at a constant 78F. All you have to do is put it in the aquarium and plug it in.

4.75" length; 50 watt