Tetra Tetrafin Crisps 1L

"Indulge your fishes with a diet they'll love by giving it the Tetra Tetrafin Crisps from Pet Store. This is a one-of-a-kind food that comes in many colors. Each color indicates the ingredients it contains, as well as the nutrients and benefits it offers. With such a unique product available, why go for another?

The pellets are color-coded, and each color represents the ingredients with its corresponding nutrients. Crisps with yellow spots contain krill, which is a great food to give your fished improved muscle development and growth. The green-spotted treats have Spirulina algae, which gives good coloration. Both types of pellets are also rich in vitamins and minerals that make your pet healthy and balanced. The pellets are easy to chew and quick to digest. It doesn't dissolve into mush, which makes a very annoying mess for you to deal with. For your convenience, it comes in a canister that can keep it from spoiling, as well as from pests, and it can be stored for a very long time at room temperatures.

Buy the Tetra Tetrafin Crisps for your fishes now! This comes in one liter bottle to give your aquatic pets a tasty and nutritious meal that they'll never grow tired of.

Each Crisp is "color coded" in order to easily see the benefits the crisp delivers to your fish  Green spots indicate healthy spirulina algae the promotes richer color; Yellow spots are packed with krill, which enhances muscle growth; The outer ring of each Crisp contains all essential nutrients.

  • Available in 7.76oz, 1L container