Tomlyn Opticlear Eye Wash 4oz

"Have you ever noticed your pet rubbing its eyes with its paw every time it stays too long outside your home? Do you see this same action after grooming and styling its hair? While this is not something, which you should be worried about, what you have to understand is that there might be a tiny object, which is irritating your friend’s eyes. If you’re having a hard time dislodging this particle, then you should use the Tomlyn Opticlear Eye Wash Pet Store, which is a better option than water, which could contain impurities. This can be purchased in a four-ounce bottle, which is good for multiple applications.

This liquid is formulated in such a way that it is designed to mimic the consistency of real tears. It is a product, which will provide you with a sure-fire way of removing the particles that are giving your friend the discomfort on its eyes. These objects are usually brought about by the dust in the wind, or the hair that has been recently trimmed. This can also help lubricate the dried stains at the edges of eyelids. This can be used on your canines and felines.

With the Tomlyn Opticlear Eye Wash, you can be sure that your pet’s eyes are free from any form of impurities.

Sterile Eye Wash for irritated eyes. Helps relieve burning, stinging, itching by removing air pollutants (pollen/smog) and other foreign materials."