Tomlyn Nutri-Stat Dogs & Cats 4oz

"It happens to every pet owner. One week your dog or cat is enjoying their regular food and do not have any problems at all eating and finishing their meals when all of a sudden, one day your dog just starts walking away from the food that you have set aside for him. Your cat no longer wants to eat all of its meals or ignores it completely. What gives? Welcome to finicky pet land. Just like people, our pets can get bored of their meals after a while. This is perfectly normal and it happens to the best dogs and cats.

It is nothing to be alarmed about. However, it would take some time to fix this situation. Many cat and dog owners solve this problem by simply replacing their dog and cat's old food with new food. It is either complexly new food or different flavors. Sometimes even the standard meat selection of pork, chicken, lamb and beef gets boring for a cat or a dog, so there are pet food formulations out there that use exotic meats like brush tail from New Zealand or even kangaroo meat from Australia. If you do not wish to go down the exotic route and you just want to either get your dog or cat to enjoy their existing food or transition to new food that they had been ignoring, try Tomlyn Nutri-Stat Dogs and Cats from Pet Store.

This is a food supplement product that helps stimulate the appetite of your pet. Adding this to your dog or cat's meals boosts their appetite so that they can eat more of their regular food. While at first they may not finish their full meal, keep supplementing until they are able to. Not only is it an appetite booster, it is also packed with vitamins for optimal health for your dog and cat. It also tastes really good to dogs and cats that is why they cannot resist its taste and it boots their appetite. If you have been stomped by your dog or cat's recent finickiness when it comes to food, try Tomlyn Nutri-Stat Dogs and Cats.

Tomlyn Nutri-Stat Dogs & Cats High calorie food supplement stimulates appetite. Brand name quality for less for dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies. Vitamin enhanced with an irresistible taste