Tomlyn Laxatone Gastrointestinal Hairball Preventor and Eliminator 2.5oz

"When it comes to hairball control, no other product can match the Tomlyn Laxatone Original Flavor Pet Store. This unique product offers you a one-of-a-kind supplement that will help solve your cat's fur ball dilemmas, and it comes in a really tasty flavor that it will enjoy. Friendly on the stomach, this is definitely the item you should add to your cart when you're out and looking for something to help ease it and get rid of the hair stuck inside.

The product is made from a special formula containing friendly supplements capable of lubricating your cat's digestive system to help it excrete the trapped hairs and shedding as quickly and as easily as possible. It does not have any chemicals and additives that are harmful to animals, and it uses no preservatives, which might make thing worse than they already are. It can easily be applied, as well, and with its delicious taste, your cats will simply love it!

The Tomlyn Laxatone Original Flavor is available in 2 ounces, and it comes in a tube container that can be stored with little spaced used at room temperatures. Instructions on proper dosage, as well as the list of nutritious facts, are also included in the package. Buy this product now and make sure that your pet is healthy and free from hairballs.

Laxatone is a smooth easy-to-use gel for the prevention and removal of hairballs in cats and kittens.

Both long and short haired cats shed to some degree all year long. Bathing and brushing helps lower the amount of hair swallowed during self-grooming, but some hair gets into the stomach and it cannot be digested. It can block your cat's digestive system. Regular use of laxatone coats the swallowed hair and allows it to easily pass through the intestinal tract.

Laxatone is a safe, gentle, easy-to-use gel used worldwide for over 25 years. It has an irresistible taste...just place the recommended amount of gel on your finger or on the animal's paw. For best results feed between meals do not mix with food.

What does it contain?
Laxatone contains white petrolatum and liquid petrolatum in a palatable base. It also contains linoleic acid and linolenic acid. One half teaspoon 2 or 3 times a week will keep your pet hairball-free.