Kurgo WanderPack

"Are you thinking of bringing you dog hiking with you? If you are fond of life in the outdoors, you may want to bring your dog with you when you go hiking or just taking an outdoor walk. People who are away from their house, however, tend to forget some of the supplies that their pet may need. Well, no worries about that when you have a Kurgo Wanderpack Pet Store. It is a back pack designed exclusively for your dog to wear. It has straps on the neck and upper torso, and it also has multiple pockets for you to put the supplies that your dog might need during the trip.

It is also made a tough material that can with stand the weather conditions that nature can dish out. You will be also glad to know that it is machine washable but loose dirt can be easily removed by a damp rag or sponge. The pack's straps can be adjusted to fit any dog while the bag itself contains reflective trims to give added safety to your dog and you. Remember, if you are planning to bring your dog on a walking, hiking or any trip outdoors, buy him a Kurgo Wanderpack.

WanderPack Get your dog prepared for a hike on the trails or trip around town. The Kurgo Wander Pack is built strong to withstand rugged outdoor conditions yet functional for a day trip.The ergonomic padded spine support contours to the dogs back for a comfortable fit and provides weight distribution for the two saddlebags. The two saddlebags offer space to store all of your canines travel essentials such as food, treats, toys, first-aid supplies and travel bowls.• Universal fit- adjusts to accommodate dogs 30-85 lbs• 4 reflective trim stips for increased safety from multiple angles• Rear mounted leash hood for added control• Unique ASB (Adjustable Saddle Bag) system achieves• Water resistant