Kurgo Cargo Cape

"Cover the rear of the backseat of your car with the Kurgo Cargo Cape from Pet Store! This product not just keeps the back of your vehicle clean, but it can also provide a nice, warm space that your pet dog can relax in while you two are traveling. With such a product, your time with your canine inside the car will be better and happier.

The cape is woven from a light and sturdy polyester material, and it is water-proof and resistant to dirt. It has a reflective trim and a rubber bumper shield that keeps your vehicle clean, with pipes inserted on the edges, as well as a built-in holder for your canine's water bowl. A special pocket is also provided to keep your pet's leashes, towels, and trash well-contained. The cape has a split zipper, as well, to be able to divide it in two for maximized use. And for your convenience, it can be washed and cleaned via washing machine, saving you the trouble of having to hand-wash it yourself.

Buy this product now and enjoy the benefits it offers you, your dog, and your car. The Kurgo Cargo Cape has a universal size, and it is suitable for the back seat and storage areas of SUVs, Mini-Vans, and Station Wagons.

Cargo Cape The Kurgo Cargo Cape Protects your vehicles cargo area from dirt and mess. It also provides extra storage space, a comfortable spot for Fido with his needs in mind, and a bumper flap to keep you clean as well.