Virbac Petrodex Breath Spray

"Dogs show their affection through licking, which is why many pets are just too eager to lick their owners’ faces. For these animals, licking is an expression of love, loyalty and appreciation. The last thing you should do is to turn your dogs away when they want to lick you. They can end up feeling hurt and confused.

But of course, how can you be happy about your dogs trying to lick you if they have horrible, foul breath? Worse, the smell can stick to your skin after they lick it.

Dogs can often fall victims to bad breath, just like human beings. To stop your dogs’ bad breath, make sure to use the Virbac Petrodex Breath Spray Pet Store on them. This spray has the necessary germ-fighting ingredients that can kill off odor-causing bacteria. The result is instant fresh breath. With regular use, your dogs will have significantly much fewer cases of bad breath, too. It’s both a preventive and curative medication in one little spray bottle.

The Virbac Petrodex Breath Spray also helps maintain the cleanliness and health of canine teeth and gums. It’s definitely an easy and affordable way to look after your dogs’ dental health without expensive visits to the dentist.

Spray away your pet`s bad breath with St Jon Laboratories Petrodex Breath Spray. Just a spritz and offensive mouth odors are under control. Unique formula also helps clean teeth and gums. The easiest way to support your pet`s dental health. 4 oz."